Jerzy Grotowski was a prominent figure in the world of Theatre, owing to his visionary theoretical approach, unique experimental research on actors’ performance and the multidirectional path he chose. His work was very much centered on actor’s physicality, which was at the root of the mythical era of the Teatr Laboratorium in Poland in 70s and 80s. Grotowski’s legacy has and remains a huge influence on the modern theatrical performance in the West.

Zygmunt Molik (1930-2010) was a co-founder of the Grotowski’s Laboratory Theatre, where he worked as an actor, researcher and teacher. He was responsible for vocal training at the Laboratory through which he developed a system for exploring voice through the body.

After working for 25 years with Grotowski and his partners, Zygmunt continued his theatrical and pedagogical investigations alone. His work, spawned through intense and extensive workshops throughout the world, inspired many people.

“The considerable knowledge and 'savoir-faire' of Zygmunt Molik is renown, respected and admired everywhere in the world. His formidable approach of the human body and of the voice, his 50 year-long experience, his remarkable sense of human contact, made him a Master in this “Science of the Voice.” The workshops with Zygmunt have been an exceptional laboratory for me, a place of study, of profound meditation and pure joy. He offered me a SONG TO LIVE.”

Jorge Parente

Jorge met Zygmunt in Paris, 1992. From this encounter, a unique master-pupil relationship was developed. The culmination of this remarkable period resulted in Jorge being chosen by Zygmunt to be his assistant, and later, his successor. Jorge is the only person authorised to teach Molik’s body and voice method.

In 2008, Giuliano Campo, in association with the British Grotowski Project at Kent University (GB) published the book , “Zygmunt Molik’s Voice and Body Work” (Routledge Editions). This was the result of a series of interviews with Molik. The book was later, in 2011, translated in Portuguese and published in Brazil by Realizações publishing house. The book is accompanied by a DVD containing the following film clips; Dyrygent (2006), which illustrates Molik’s working methods; Acting Therapy (1976), which explores his role in the Theatre of Participation; and Zygmunt Molik’s Body Alphabet (2009). The book also includes an extensive photo gallery documenting Molik’s life and work.

“The problem with my workshops is, that there is no one to continue the work, apart from one man, Jorge Parente, from Portugal, who lives in Paris. He will be my successor. He has mastered everything and he knows everthing precisely and he can do it now. And he did it, he tried alone and he’s OK, yes. So nomo nis moria. I will not die totally. I will leave a successor. It isn’t just about the Alphabet, but also because of some work he’s doing with the voice with some Gregorian chorus and the fact that he works individually with each person. So he follows my way of teaching well.“

Zygmunt Molik

This is how Jorge Parente become the bearer of a unique and special methodology for performers. At the moment, Jorge Parente teaches Zygmunt Molik’s methods in Brazil, Croatia, England, France, Norway, Portugal, Thailand and Poland.

Jorge Parente’s activity grows and requires increasing resources. From 2016, a workspace will be built in Montreuil by The Guillotine specifically to cater Jorge’s work. This place will be the platform for his research, pedagogical work and international creations.

Please see below the video of Professor Paul Allain, Kent University, UK, ,presenting Zygmunt Molik on one hand and Jorge Parente on the other. Jorge demonstrates here the actions of the “Body Alphabet”.

Informations on the book in english and in portuguese.