(Photographer: Nuno Antunes)

As artistic director of “Companhia de Música Teatral”, Helena Rodrigues invited me this year again to commit in two formative’s process and one creation:

1) Lisbon «Caleidoscópio» in the frame of Germinarte's - Artistic TransFormation for Human and Social Development;
2) «Vila Nova de Cerveira/Opus3» a creation;
3) «Vila Nova de Cerveira/Summer School» a one week artistic residence with a group of children from 8 to 18 years old. Body awareness, self consciousness, with the others and with the space.

1) «Caleidoscópio» July 18 - 23

For whom : Early childhood professionals, musicians and other artists interested in artistic creation intended for children.

Objectives • Artistic experiences of diverse esthetic and educational characters. • Expanding practical and theoretical knowledge within the context of music in early childhood. • Experiencing the crossing-over of musical languages. • Developing processes of autonomy, initiative and reflection within the context of musical creation for children. • Interacting with professionals who work with children in different ways.

Teachers: Joaquim Branco / Henrique Fernandes / Fernanda Lopes / Filipe Lopes/ Jorge Parente/ Antonio Rodrigues/ Paulo Maria Rodrigues

Organisation : Helena Rodrigues/ Paulo Ferreira Rodrigues/ Paulo Maria Rodrigues

A one week residency in the Calouste Goulbenkian’s workspaces in Lisbon.

Vimeo CMT

(Photographer: Nuno Antunes)

2) Vila Nova de Cerveira / «OPUS 3» July 24 - 30

“Opus 3 start from the idea than communicate means be free in order to listen. Artistics materials from the book “ Manual for Inner garden’s construction” are transformed in corporal musicality and gestures singing in one non-stop improvisation of babie’s expressif language which is, as we know, closer to music and mime than the speech. Opus 3 was created through impulses and inner availability till to reach to rightness of the movement and the harmony of the instant. What is it? What’s hidden? Who is transforming? What is it? A butterfly, a fish, an animal, a young bride? What is it?

Main linguage: Music (voice) and movements

Conception and production: CMT Companhia de Música Teatral

Artistic direction: Helena Rodrigues Interpretation et co/creation: Carla Martins / Teresa Prima Scenic space: António Dente Support to artistic direction: Paulo Maria Rodrigues Support to vocal work and creation: Jorge Parente

Thanks: João Maria André, Paulo Ferreira Rodrigues Supports : DGArtes, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian/Germinarte, Bienal de Cerveira, Laboratório de Música e Comunicação na Infância do CESEM da FCSH – UNL

(Photographer António T.)

3) «Résidence Vila Nova de Cerveira / Summer school» July 24 - 30

An artistic residence with a group of 10 young people between 8 and 18 years old. We once again worked in partnership with Paulo Maria Rodrigues on the theme of Noah's Ark. Singing / Dancing / Music /

A group that already has an experience with the CMT. They gave a representation of the work done during the week in front of a reduced audience in the rehearsal room. The mayor of the city was present.

Thanks: Céu, Concha, Gabriel, Helena e Helena, Inês, Margarida, Maria, Mathilde, Paulo, Pia, Sebastiao, Simão

(Photographer Maria do Céu Santos)


From early childhood to adolescence.

As artistic director of “Companhia de Música Teatral”, Helena Rodrigues invited me to commit in two formative process:

1) «Inner Garden» in the frame of Germinarte’s project - Artistic TransFormation for Human and Social Development;
2) «Soudos/Summer School» A one week artistic residence with a group of children from 6 to 17 years old. Body awareness, self consciousness, with the others and with the space.

Helena Rodrigues is an Assistant Professor at Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, New University of Lisbon and the founder of Laboratory for Music and Communication in Infancy of the research unit CESEM at the same institution. She was a Research Fellow at Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts. She has been a disseminator of Edwin Gordon’s music learning theory in Portugal since 1994. Since 2002 Colwyn Trevarthen has been another strong influence on her work. Beginning in 2010 she started studying on physical theatre and somatic education domains. Aiming to improve practices for infancy, she has been developing an innovative approach to training that she defines as “opening the gates on musicality”. She is also one of the founders of Companhia de Música Teatral, a group that has specialized in creating artistic and educative projects that have Music at the root of interdisciplinary practice. She coordinated Opus Tutti, a project that aimed to create and implement good practices in community for infancy and early childhood. She has been publishing regularly and is often invited to lecture and give workshops over the world.

1) « Inner Garden » July 06-12

General idea : Jardim interior (Inner garden) offers an immersive formative process in which trainees develop skills to work with infants along in the preparation and presentation of a music theatrical piece addressed to both parents and infants. It offers an opportunity for “learning by doing” using voice and movements. “Soundscapes” (using customized digital and vocal ressources). Edwin Gordon’s music learning theory, and improvisation. « Communicative musicality », The use of music as a tool for human development and as a mediator for interaction with the very young will be at the core of this one-week residence.

Goals : To use music, movement, and theatre to create and perform “Jardim Interior” (Inner Garden). To engage with professionals who deal with infancy in different contexts. To gain wider perspectives on music and arts for infants. To gain experience with intersecting artistic approaches. To acquire the skills and creative thinking necessary to interact with infants with independence and initiative.

Colwyn Trevarthen is Professor (Emeritus) of Child Psychology and Psychobiology at The University of Edinburgh. (United Kingdom) He started with an opening lecture.
An international team :

Consiglia Latorre is singer and vocal/ musical educator (Federal University of Ceará Brazil);

Filipe Lopes is a composer with strong ties to electro-acoustic music and new media (Aveiro’s University, Portugal).

Paulo Maria Rodrigues is a composer, performer, artistic director and educator.He graduated in Opera at the Royal Academy of Music, London. With Companhia de Música Teatral he has developed many artistic and educational projects, exploring the intersection of music and other artistic languages and technology, and addressing the idea of art has a tool for human development (Aveiro’s University, Companhia de Música Teatral, Portugal).

Jorge Parente( France), Helena Rodrigues(Portugal). More two professional dancers Pedro Ramos and Sara Rosado who took part of this process.(Portugal)

A one-week residence in the best workspaces and in the beautiful garden of Calouste Gulbenkian’s foundation in Lisbon.

Some photos of the performance:

Some photos of the audience:

Photographers: Marcia Lessa (CMT) and Ana Isabel Pereira
Participants: Ana Teresa Araújo, Sara Costa, Laura Ferreira, João Fonseca, Inês Furtado, Cláudia Galante, Augusta Lima, Joana Madeira, Ana Manta, Mafalda Marques, Carla Martins, David Matos, Marina Pereira, Sérgio Pinhão, Benedita Pinto Gonçalves, Thelma Peireira, Filipa Portela, Gonçalo Prazeres, Teresa Prima, Joana Roque, Fernando Silva, Teresa Silva, Maria João Sousa, Ana Venade , Margarida Veloso.

2) « Soudos/Summer school »

Paulo Maria Rodrigues and I worked together. He built a very creative musical univers. This group used to work with CMT. Most of them were in Copenhague (Denmark), in September to play in “Babelim”. This show was nominated in «The Young Audiences Music Awards » in the category « Best Opera ».

Thanks: Ana-Rita, Antonio, Céu, Concha, Gabriel, Helena e Helena, Inês, Margarida, Maria, Mariana, Marta, Mathilde, Matteus, Paulo, Pedro, Pia, Sao, Simao, Teresa e Vicente.

Photographer: A.Roque

5 Men Daniel Keene (Lisbon, 2013)

"FIVE MEN" (“5 Homens” in Portuguese) project is a play based in the homonymous text by Daniel Keene with the participation of actors André Fausto, António Braga, João Aboim, Nuno Salema, Pedro Filipe Mendes, Tiago Porteiro and Zé Benardino.

A JGM production in co-production with Teatro-Cine de Torres Vedras and financial support by DGArtes - Government of Portugal. It was presented in Teatro Eduardo Brazão (14 December 2013) and Cine-Teatro de Torres Vedras (31 January 2014). Also included assistance to staging and lighting by Zoe Ogeret, general assistance of Pedro Filipe Mendes and Andreia Pires, support scenography and art by Ana Eliseu and assistance in translation of Nuno Coelho.

MACBETH William Shakespeare (Lisbon/Guimarães, 2013)

“Macbeth” was an international project created by Jorge Parente inside sperimental seminars with performers from different creative areas and parts of the world.

It started off as a set of peculiar “Body and Voice” workshops between February and July of 2013. These creative meetings focused on the text of "Macbeth" using the various maternal Languages of the actors. Thus resulted in the intersection of 7 languages in the treatment of the text: Portuguese, English, French, Thai, Punjabi, Spanish and Polish.

The third and final workshop was held under a residence in the city of Guimarães and featured a unique presentation at the Design Museum. Over 20 actors and musicians came to an improvised stage and presented "Macbeth" as it had never been heard.

The participants in this meeting were: André Fausto, Antónia Soares, António Braga, Helena Rodrigues, João Aboim, Manuela Ferreira, Maria Eduarda Carvalho, Nuno Salema, Pedro Lousada, Pedro Filipe Mendes, Tiago Porteiro e Zé Bernardino all from Portugal, Adjjima Na Patalung from Thailand, Joanna Kusz from Poland, Qasim Shah from England, Heno Medina from Holland, Elie Burin Des Rosiers, Igor Burin Des Rosiers, Philippe Burin Des Rosiers, Victor Parente e Zoé Ogeret from France.

Also joined the group: the musicians Eduardo Sérgio and Julieta Taborda, the producer Filipa Hora and the actress Andreia Pires who wrote a master's thesis in theater dedicated to the "Macbeth" project available here.


An educational project developed by George Parente and Tiago Porteiro in four brazilian universities. A full artistic journey with many informal meetings, workshops, master classes. A special thanks to all who have welcomed us: Renato Ferracini, Daiane Dordete, Luiz Canoe, Vanessa Curty and Cleverson Carneiro, Ary Giordani and Greice Barros, Tatiane Santoro, Helton Tinoco and Tatiana Motta Lima.

Campinas | 24th of February - 1st of March University UNICAMP | Lume Teatro

Florianopolis | 5th of March - 11th of March University of Santa Catarina State

Curitiba | 16th of March - 20th of March Federal University of Paranã

Rio de Janeiro | 26th of March - 1st of April University UniRio | workroom Grupo Moitara