Jorge Parente’s workshops focus on Zygmunt Molik’s methodological approach to training the voice. ‘Voice and Body’, is a system, which has a huge impact and continues to influence theatre practice throughout the world.

Molik created what he referred to as an alphabetical system that related to the human body. Each ‘letter’ is an element, which serves human voice. In this approach, Molik would encourage exploration of precise physical actions that mobilise an actors’ concept of the ‘self’ in its entirety; this in turn encourages the ensemble to explore and discover the collective 'voice'. By embodying this body alphabet, and connecting with one’s own body, other bodies, voice and breath, creative energy collectively releases in rich and subtle ways. This is a formidable tool for the actors' creative and personal development. “Voice and Body” is the result of fifty years of thorough investigation by a profound artist, researcher and educator.

Here is how Jorge Parente described his experience from his work as a student of this practice:

"18 years to seek and explore the 'Body Alphabet" proposed by Zygmunt Molik - a demanding practice at all levels: physical, psychological, social, and as a way of life. 18 years singing and speaking the words of poets and playwrights; 18 years of research through song, the word and its sounds, on the voice and the relationship with space and with others, on breathing, rhythms, temporality.  All these experiences fell into the consciousness of my body and made me realise that my way is THE WAY OF VOICE. The human voice is both DNA and fingerprint that identifies and connects us, it is the thread that reconnects us to the past and which allows us to understand our present and to dream our future. "

The workshops are open to professional theater practitioners, singers and members of the public who are interested in developing their voice. The workshops are practice-based and intensive, often conducted over five days and even up to several weeks. Normally, there are twelve to fifteen participants in a group.

Molik’s methodology can be defined as follows: A vocal potential emerges from movements in the body. As these movements develop, vibration is released.  The vocal phenomenon which emerges is not only physiological, but also an extension of both a mental state and an identity. In making this connection, vocal explorations utilise all strata of being. 

A typical workshop includes:
- learning the Body Alphabet;
- personal exploration of the Body Alphabet through improvisation;
- working on text and song chosen by participants, both individually and collectively.

Through the exploration of body and voice, we invite each participant to discover and experience their own unique vocal identity and to enter into the unknown.